Walter O’Brien also Known as the Man with the 4th Highest IQ

O’Brien‘s Scorpion Computer system Solutions is thought to employ more than 2,500 people, high-IQ near geniuses whose efforts are combined to fix technical problems for corporations and federal governments. He has actually since produced a Concierge Up business that opens this network to fix all sort of issues for companies and people.

” We have actually been doing whatever from a software point of view and I understand the real effect of that, whether its innovations utilized in military or security situations that have actually helped save lives.

” The trouble I have is when an author or someone in Hollywood says ‘Walter single-handedly helped catch the Boston Bomber’, if you Google it you will see that I am not the one who stated it. I am enabled to say that. I am not permitted to state exactly what the government used it for.

O’Brien states that in addition to being a commercial organization that builds options for organizations, one of the core missions is to raise the EQ of high IQ individuals.

Walter quotes,” We have a department that heads out and searches for these individuals like a HR department would, just with different methods of finding these geniuses. When we find them we sit them down and state who we are. We state ‘here is the home for the psychologically enabled, we can collaborate and do you want to end up being self-aware sufficient and are you smart sufficient to alter yourself?’

” We complement this by hiring people with high EQ, these are everybody from single mothers to school teachers, task managers and psychiatrists who become exactly what we call ‘extremely baby-sitters’ and they babysit the geniuses and the clients. I combine the very best communicators with the very best thinkers.

” The super-nannies have to be tolerant and attempt and corral the geniuses and it’s fine if it takes a few years for the geniuses to come around to have a great working relationship because they are worth it. A 150 IQ is one in 15,000 individuals– these individuals are unusual as hen’s teeth and if I can fix among them they could be the person that develops a remedy for cancer, who understands? Their brain has actually made them really good in one area and really bad in another and we are really aiming to balance that out.”

O’Brien states he has actually constructed the business as any engineer today would, in the cloud. “Everyone is a professional and I use them as required, whether I require two people to solve an issue or 60. I run the business using Lean Start-up Approaches. I am really run the risk of averse. I am not an insane bettor, I run the business extremely consistently and thoroughly.”

He says Scorpion Computer system Services has a network of 2,500 geniuses and 500 super-nannies in addition to a series of salespeople and ambassadors. “They are all specialists because we do not believe in the staff member design.”

He stated that the majority of Scorpion’s business is won on referral and typically the business functions as a type of fire brigade for fixing problems customers might have.

” We are trained in taking obscurities and turning them into absolutes, which is an excellent method to deal with life. We might prepare your wedding, or your divorce, using the very same methods.”

The notion of opening the Scorpion think-tank as much as the general public, resulted in the production of a new business called that takes Scorpion’s methods to solve service issues.
O’Brien initially got his hands on a computer system at the age of 9. “I discovered everything there was to understand about it,” he states. In the late 1990s, after graduating with a degree in computer technology and expert system from Sussex University, in England, then moved to the US, where he established Scorpion Computer Providers, which started developing artificial-intelligence software application.

Dermot Horan, who’s head of acquisitions at RTÉ, fulfilled  two months back, when CBS unveiled information of its series at a market event in Los Angeles. “He is a fascinating man,” states Horan. “He has a turnover per annum of over $1 billion. He’s rather a character. He uses over 2,000 geniuses all around the world, fixing difficult problems for the similarity the United States military and high-net-worth people.”